I was approached by the nurse. I recognized her only vaguely, as she worked mostly in the clinic in this building and almost never in the clinic where I received what care I occasionally needed. She broke open a package of finger-stick apparatus, took my hand, and prepared to draw the few drops of required blood. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” I asked her past the tears that blocked my throat. “Is this what you went to nursing school for? Does this seem to you like taking care of a sick person? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” She only looked away.

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Human Finitude, Expansive Possibilities

Even as concentrated wealth dominates conventional political processes, people everywhere are busily, skillfully, and creatively making a different future. They are writing the narrative, building the relationships, mastering the skills, and solving technical problems. I am reminded that peace and abundance are possible. The head to head power struggle is not the only or even the most important point of change.

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Will It Take a Miracle to Stop the KXL Pipeline?

It feels sometimes like we need a miracle to turn back this dominance paradigm that is eating up our earth. What often seems like a miracle is really just a highly unlikely but nevertheless possible result. It only seems impossible because we can not see all the forces that are at work as the situation arrives at the surprising outcome.

In 1969, a popular slogan on our banners was, “Be realistic. Demand the impossible.” Let’s try for a miracle.

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The Seductive Arguments for War

The arguments for war in Syria sound so familiar.

They used chemical weapons.

I remember napalm, phosphorus, Agent Orange.

These are crimes against humanity.

I remember the World Court’s ruling that the Vietnam War itself was a crime against humanity.

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Lethal Force, Privatized

From the website of Bulletproof Securities (BPS), No Compromise Security Force:

“How is BPS better than the local police department? We have superior equipment and vehicles and are not limited to department policies and procedures.”

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Can Unfettered Markets Serve Love and Compassion?

Now and again a story comes along that presents the chance to go beyond abstract arguments about ideas of political economy and see just how they work themselves out in actual lives. This is one of those stories.

I find it interesting that the most devout libertarians see no contradiction in having a government remove an entire population of indigenous people from their legally titled land so that the libertarians can establish a model city of commerce unfettered by government interference.

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The Presidential Debate: Quintessential Dominator Meets Quintessential Relator

This is what I heard and read after the debates: “Thug meets Wimp. Thug wins. Man up, Wimp.”

In that debate Romney and Obama acted out with almost comical extremism two competing ways that we can understand our world.

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Mothers Day

I used to call it Slave Day.

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